Projectleader (Region of Brussels)




  • The Integration Architecture team is responsible for architecting and developing the integration platform and to develop specific integrations on the platform to answer the needs of various projects.
  • A new API Management component has been recently added to the integration platform and is encountering a huge demand. 
  • Main task: The project leader will second the team manager to manage projects, plannings, resources and budgets for the many projects that require help of the integration architecture team.
  • ICT Environment:
  • Database :                                        Oracle
  • ETL :                                                  PL/SQL              
  • OS :                                                   Unix


  • Seniority Level = MEDIOR (3-8 years)
  • Education level = BACHELOR/MASTER
  • Technical Skills:
    • The PL will work in a technical team with mainly IT counterparties. He/she does not need deep IT expertise or any development skills but should have some familiarity and affinity with IT development and infrastructure.
    • Good knowledge and experience of web services security (transport-level and message-level)
  • Functional Skills:
    • The PL does not need specific banking knowledge. He/she should be familiar with project management, waterfall and agile methodologies, resource allocation, planning, budgets, priorities, risks and issues…
    • The PL should be highly flexible, able to adapt to frequently changing priorities and resistant to stress.
    • The candidate will need to show autonomy in handling the tasks that will be assigned to him. Flexibily will be a great assit in order to excel in a highly responsive and complex environment.
    • Canditates need to be teamplayers with excellent knowledge of English and preferably also passive understanding of Dutch or French.
    • Open communication is expected.

Contact informatie

Joris, An, Lore or Koen +32 (0)15/28.51.80

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